Cyber Security

     Protect your organizational digital assets from the threats. The digital environment has changed rapidly with more and more business going digital the security aspect is the most important component needs to be incorporated in all aspects of it. Whether you are transiting or already established, shielding your data from cyber-attacks must be the priority. We can help you in all aspects of this process right from consulting, manage, technology, training or support services. You can trust your security concerns with us while you do the business.
     To provide the basic but most important answer to possible threats to the business, How and What. Risk Assessments try to elaborate on “how” impacts occur while BIAs describes “what” is impacted. When it comes to our programs, we cover the entire life cycle of business continuity planning, including business impact analysis, risk assessment, preparation, and implementation.

     Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, otherwise known as the CIA Triad, are core aspects of any business and securing them is something very dear to decision-makers. With our cyber security experts, we can help you create a secure, efficient and effortless business environment. We analyze the current security environment and provide a roadmap for future requirements. Our cyber security audits will identify the cyber vulnerabilities your organization currently encountering and provide guidelines to ensure that appropriate security measures are incorporated into your network.

  • Achieve effective security compliance
  • Business continuity
  • Digital Business & Infrastructure security
  • Business driven security strategy

     Today’s workplace environment has transformed into a digital platform with multiple devices, access points, and data storage. The workforce has become smart so as the threat perspectives. The main concerns in the digitization process are the vulnerabilities for business processes. Workplace security is something needs to be incorporated in the digital workplace culture. Scenarios, where employees can work from anywhere on any device with access to any data points, makes it much more important to ensure the multi-factor authentication. With our holistic approach to security, we provide technology solutions as the human solution as well. We also conduct a Strategic Innovation Workshop to help bring business and technology together and drive the transformation of your digital business.

     Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a subsection within the field of computer security, where software products and services combine Security Event Management (SEM) – which analyzes log and event data in real-time with Security Information Management (SIM) which collects and analyzes documents log data. It basically collects log data generated via technology infrastructure and identifies all incidents and events and then analyze them effectively for threat monitoring and incident response. Main objective achieved via SEIM are – real-time visibility and analysis, event log management, and automatic security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

     Information Security Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) plays a pivotal role in all organizations, especially in the digital transformations process. keeping an eye on the security risks you need to have a proper GRC framework which can help you in detecting risks in advance to adopt and evolve security governance function inline with the internal & external compliance. With the expertise, we can help in setting the right policies and processes in place to establish transparent governance, risk management processes, and compliance strategies.

     As the cloud adoption is increasing exponentially companies are primarily dependent on cloud-based services and infrastructure. They normally wind up with a mix bag of technologies with their advantages and disadvantages. you need visibility and control to manage this diversified infrastructure. We help you to manage shared modules, choose the right vendors and deployment options, align your tools and applications, secure all elements involved and monitor for changes to identify and rectify any possible risks.

  • Mastering the art of multi-cloud security

     Predictive threat intelligence is your first line of defense for any cyber attack. you need to be prepared and in fact, need to be one step ahead of possible threats with implementing Predictive threat intelligence solutions. With Predictive threat intelligence, you can see the overall security picture and anticipate possible threat perspectives and deploy countermeasures to tackle them in advance stating you ahead of the curve. We can help you make an informed decision and make the most out of your cyber security investment.

     Ransomware continues to add new strategies to avoid cyber security strategies so it’s advisable to prevent them from happening considering the data and information loss that and affect the business functions. Any ransomware will attack your data impacting the overall business function and even if you manage to deal with it you will never know when the next one is coming so predicting the data changes and filling up those loopholes is what you need to prioritize. We can help you to predict, prevent, and protect with our predictive ransomware protection solutions.

     The purpose of running a vulnerability scanner or conducting an external Vulnerability Assessment (VAPT or Pentesting) is to find not only the network devices but also software, domains, websites, servers that are open to known vulnerabilities without actually compromising your systems. We analyze network environments, identify potential vulnerabilities, and try to exploit those vulnerabilities (or coding errors) just like a hacker would. We help the organization with static and dynamic code analysis to not only identify flaws in the code but to find any missing functionalities which may lead to possible security risks. With SaiYash you can write off spending to buy expensive vulnerability assessment software, train developers and QA personnel totally. At SaiYash, we Recommend conducting a Vulnerability Assessment annually or after making substantial changes to your application.